SNAP Infusion Supercandy Interview

Snap Infusion Supercandy

Say hello to sweet satisfaction. SNAP Infusion, the world’s first Supercandy has arrived. It’s candy that’s good for you – packed with tons of electrolytes and B vitamins to get you moving, whether you’re skating, snowboarding, or waking up from a rough night of partying. There’s no high-fructose corn syrup and no empty calories to hold you back from accomplishing great things.
I spoke with CEO Eric Stoll, of Andover, MA, to get the low-down on the “better for you” gummy, tart, caramel and bean candies.

What’s the difference between eating a pack of SNAP Infusion Supercandy and eating some of my favorite candies like Snickers and Starbursts?
I’m a skier and a snowboarder and the last thing you want is to have a sugar crash on the mountain. That’s why we use natural sugars because your body can naturally digest them and you don’t get that crash. SNAP also has about half the calories of a normal candy bar.

So, you’re saying SUPERCANDY will satisfy a sweet tooth, and it’s a health food?
We’re not claiming to be an apple, but we’re far from junk food. It’s hard to get this product to taste good. SNAP is loaded with B-vitamins that work with the natural sugars. It has Vitamins E and C for hydration. In fact, one pack of SNAP has around 30% of the daily value of vitamins and electrolytes.

You’re the mastermind behind SNAP, what inspired its creation?
I always looked at this brand as a fusion between Nike and Willy Wonka. I used to go on these long biking treks with colleagues and eventually I would become carb deprived and have a sugar crash. I noticed there were only two options at sports stores – candy, or all this performance enhancing stuff that doesn’t taste too good. You really didn’t have that mainstream brand where you had that good taste and it’s good for you. Being in that marketplace is where SNAP came about. It’s about instant gratification, it’s a candy-like formation infused with health benefits.
So, what inspired me? I’m an athlete and an artist. I looked at the candy as a palette and I fused things two things I loved – candy and eating healthy.

Snap Infusion

There’s five varieties to choose from – Mel (short for caramel), Tart, Gummy, Bean and Gum. That’s a wide variety – any particular reason?
That’s the Nike side of me. It’s really beautiful the way they do they’re merchandising. Everything fits together and there’s always something for everyone. We’re a healthy lifestyle company for generation next. I wanted to go natural and feel like we wouldn’t have to sit in a Whole Foods.

Which variety do you like to snack on?
Tart is my favorite. It has a tangy taste but it’s more candy-like than Flintstone Vitamins.
I’ve gone out and played two and a half hours of tennis after a bag of Tart, and I felt awesome! It was an epiphany for me. I started realizing how my diet really affects my life. I used to drink a Red Bull before going to the gym. Now, I’ll have any SNAP candy before I train or workout. I eat it as a snack while I’m at work. Finally, I’ve yet to have it during the winter, but it will be in my ski jacket all season long as I ski the East Coast powder and moguls.

You said SNAP stands for that instant gratification. It’s active and action oriented. What’s SUPERCANDY doing now?
We want to start sponsoring a few semi-pro female snowboarders that have reached out to SNAP. I love the culture, and the brand is so unisex. Nobody’s going to stop eating candy. But SUPERCANDY is a new category, bringing a little attitude to a natural brand. I love the Willy Wonka side of SNAP and having that personality come through in our candies.

Are you creating more flavors and varieties?
Yes, we have a great team that is working developing a few new flavors.

Can I get a taste of what’s coming?
Nope. I’d love to tell you, but we’re pretty early in the production process. First, we’d like to solidify SNAP Infusion as it stands today and be recognized as a brand. There isn’t anything else like SNAP out there right now.

That’s right, SUPERCANDY! Where can I grab a pack?
We have a store locator on the website. Right now, we’re selling at Eastern Boarder, gyms around the region, natural food markets in New York, and few ski mountains have picked us up as well.

Interviewed By: Sydney Lindberg

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