Rewilding pilot

Anthony DeJesus, a formerly incarcerated young man from the Bronx, has never left NYC. In Rewilding, Anthony will leave the familiar behind as he joins two rock climbers on an 8-week journey across the Western United States.

Through their experiences traveling the country in a van, rock climbing, farming, backpacking, practicing yoga, and connecting with people from different walks of life, the three will explore leadership, health, adventure, happiness, and sustainability.

Pilot Episode: Anthony meets the group he will go on this Journey with.

This web series and documentary are the stepping stone toward the creation of Rewilding’s Alternative Adventure Retreat (RAAR) for formerly incarcerated young adults: A place for wilderness immersion, self-discovery, adventure, and sustainability education. RAAR has already partnered with seven transition programs  in the Bronx and Harlem that assists young men as they transition back into their communities after incarceration.
RAAR will offer these men an opportunity to leave the city and head west where they will participate in a variety of hands-on activities that are aimed at developing leadership skills and promoting growth and healing.
Quote – Rock Climber, Social Activist, and founder of Rewilding, Jesse Spiegel:  ”Rewilding is about returning to one’s natural state of existence and being true to one’s self! We encourage everyone to step outside of the box of how we have been told to be and what we have been told is possible. In every living thing there is the desire and potential to grow when the conditions are right. Our goal is to help create the right space and conditions for individuals to reflect upon what inspires them, and to provide tools that help move them in that direction.
Quote – Winner of the Outstanding Directorial Achievement Award for Dances with Wolves, Doug Metzger: “When I first saw the Rewinding concept, it stopped me in my tracks. I thought, wow, this is going to make a real difference and I want to be part of it. We have all the ingredients for a great film here; the story is sensational and the Rewilding approach to helping is original and entertaining! The characters are authentic, engaging, young guys. Anthony has been through so much and is still so hopeful. Jesse & Vitek are these balls of energy who have a contagious appetite for life. People are going to laugh and cry!”

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