Burning Man Interview

When I went to Burning Man for the first time I thought I had a clear understanding of what to expect and what it is. I was prepared for it. When I got to Black Rock City and spent some time there I realized that people who have never been there before would have little understanding of what Burning Man really is. So I asked the question to people who make Black Rock City what it is.  

7th Burn | California

“Burning Man is a free form jazz odyssey.”


3rd Burn | Lviv, Ukraine

“Burning Man is home. It’s an expression of freedom and love.”


Lin Laurin
2nd Burn | Brooklyn
“Burning Man is a place where people go to create their version of an ideal society. It’s a place where art, party, family and work become one. It is a place that is created for you to be yourself.”

Iris Bergcrantz
1st Burn | Malmo, Sweden
“Burning Man is a planet on this earth different from everything else. Those who visit Black Rock City will experience humankind in the best way possible where money and religion don’t get in the way. Everyone could benefit from a Burning Man experience.”


Ryan Doyle
18th Burn | Detroit

“Burning Man is a place to unleash your monster and be the superhuman that you are.”  


Patricia Ryan
4th Burn | San Francisco

“Burning Man is a test of a human spirit and taking that spirit into a greater conquest in the outer world.”


Words & Photos: Sasha Maslov

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