SunGod “Revolts” Goggles

SunGod 2

London eyewear company “SunGod” are switching things up a bit. Often known for their unique sunglasses, the company recently turned their focus over to ski and snowboard goggles. SunGod announced the new goggles by putting out a KickStarter campaign, and so far things are going well. They’ve already raised more than their original goal, but still are offering exclusive deals for those who still want to pledge. Anyone who buys a pair now through the Kickstarter will get hooked up by SunGod, with lower prices being offered to those who pre-order.

SunGod 1

Now, let’s get to the goggles themselves. I gotta give it to SunGod on this one. They did a great job on the “Revolts” series. The goggles come complete with a full frame and anti-fog vents, and excel when it comes to visibility. The extra padding on the inside deserves praise as well, and makes for a comfortable wear. The interchangeable lens and strap are pretty dope too, and I love the high-level of customization on these things. The biggest pro about this pair of goggles has to be the 4KO®snow lenses, though. They do a great job at providing you with a clear plane of vision, and enhance contrast quite nicely. The start-up campaign ends next week, so definitely head to the Kickstarter page and get a deal on these while you still can!


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