Soxxy “Compression Socks” Review


Sarah Stabile is the creator of Soxxy, a footwear company that creates performance-fashion socks. Unhappy by the sock options she saw offered in stores, Stabile designed her own stylish, unisex line of compression socks that aim to increase circulation, reduce swelling and keep your feet comfortable and relaxed. They are also rather soft to the touch, and allow your feet to breath in nearly any situation. One surprising thing about these socks is that they look, and feel, a little dressy. Yet, they can still be worn in most athletic situations. They’re great to wear when stretching and help a lot in post-workout recovery. That’s key. Overall, Soxxy “Compression Socks” can compete with nearly any compression socks in the market and excel at keeping your feet comfortable and healthy. Definitely check these out.

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