Deck The Halls


Deck The Halls is a skate deck art show brought to you by Witch Dr. and Steez. We have 100 blank decks we’ll be selling in the coming month at both Steez HQ and Witch Dr. for $25. Get yours before they’re gone. Artists will have until Dec. 5th to do whatever they want with the deck and return them to Witch Dr. A huge art show will then take place at the new Witch Dr. Gallery on Dec. 10th with live music, free food and drinks. 80% of all sales will go directly back to the artists, with the other 20% going towards x-mas toys for unprivelged local kids to have an awesome x-mas. It’s a win-win for everyone and will be a ton of fun. Help spread the word!

Most decks will be displayed vertically. Decks can be shipped to anyone out-of-state, but will cost around $10 to do so. For more information please e-mail

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