Braven “BRV-X” Review


Braven makes dope speakers. This time around, we’re going to look at the “BRV-X”, one of their top models. First off, I really dig the feel of this thing. It’s got a thick rubber exterior that will keep it safe from outside damage, and protect itself if dropped. Another great feature about these speakers is that they’re waterproof. You can take them almost anywhere in the outdoors without worry, which is definitely my favorite thing about them as a whole. The “dual audio mode” feature is also pretty rad, too. The BRV-X has different playback modes for both indoor and outside use, which I thought was rather cool. The outdoor mode provides you with long-range audio, making sure you and your friends won’t miss a note regardless of what adventure you’re on. Plus, it’s wireless, incredibly portable and even comes with a travel strap, wall charger and auxiliary cord. Plain and simple, the BRV-X is a top-notch indoor/outdoor speaker. Whether you’re hiking trails or hitting homemade jumps in the woods, this is the one. Peep it at:

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