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Underdog. No word screams local and core more than that, and that’s exactly what Wade Cedar, owner of Underdog Skate Shop in Amesbury, Mass. was thinking when he opened the shop three weeks ago.

“I think it’s any young skateboarder’s dream to open a skate shop. I just finished school and wanted to do something skateboarding related because that’s always been my passion,” said Cedar.

In the shop, I could see local art all over the walls and a TV setup with some kids playing Skate 3 or something to that effect. I asked Wade where he got his startup money, being a 26 year old dude and all who just got his Master’s degree.

“I had a huge lump of cash just laying around,” he laughed. “But, actually I worked at Nick’s Pizza in Newburyport, the best pizza around, for seven years delivering and cooking pizzas to pay my way through school. And, with the little I saved on the side, my girlfriend and I were able to split the cost and open this shop.”

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I quickly picked up on how community-driven the shop was, as I saw at least 15-20 people drop-in and say hello in the two hours I spent in the shop.

“I love this spot,” said Cedar. “I grew up in about 27 different places, was homeless a lot, and skateboarding was always kind of that thing that was constant, it kept me going. I want to foster that community that helped me become who I am today. Plus, it’s right down the street from my house, which is awesome.”

The majority of Underdog’s skateboards come from Massachusetts and New Hampshire, including his custom printed decks, which are also made in New Hampshire.

“It costs me a little more to keep things local, but I’d rather support local people than major corporations that don’t care about quality,” he said. “I’ve always been a community driven guy, that’s what’s always been a passion of mine. I actually opened the first English literacy reading center in Rwanda with a graduate friend of mine, that’s what I do on the side, Kigali Reading Center. Check it out.”

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Cedar regularly goes out and skates with his customers, and the shop’s team consists of Gavin Power, Trevor Bradbury, Trevor White, Taylor Spinney, Ben Noland and Nate Noland. They are currently shooting to put together a video that they can promote the shop, so keep your eyes peeled for that. All in all, if you need a board, shoes, hoodie, or just want to visit a local shop on the North Shore, head over to Underdog and check them out.

For more information, visit: http://www.underdogskateshop.com.


Article by Ben Knight

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