Burton x New Balance ‘710 Classic’ Review

Burton x NB Feature

Burton and New Balance recently worked together on a line of footwear and it’s pretty sick. Today we get to check out the “710 Classics”, which may be my favorite from the collection. To start off, I have to commend the design. I really love the way that these shoes look, and they actually draw inspiration from Burton snowboard boots. They were made with full-grain leather and suede, which makes for a good combo. Plus, the shoes also have a woven-textile pattern on them, almost giving off an old school vibe. I liked that a lot too.

Shoe Toes

The rubber outsole on the 710 Classics is also pretty great. It helps to secure the shoe and aids in keeping things sturdy. If I’m doing anything outside, I need to know that my shoes can handle it. The 710 Classics definitely can handle whatever you throw at them, and they are a strong pair of shoes as a whole. They offer a lot of traction too, which is a huge A-plus in my book. Whether you’re hiking trails, heading up to the mountain or simply going to a bonfire party with some friends, the 710 Classics are there for you. They’re durable, rather stylish, and most importantly, unique. I haven’t seen many shoes out there like them, so make sure to cop these puppies while you still can. For more info, peep them at http://www.burton.com/default/burton-x-new-balance-710-classic—fiend-shoes/W16-175581.html.

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