Jeremy Jones Launches New Watch and Book


Watch manufacturers ‘Swatch’ recently put out a watch with big mountain snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones. Jones is the man who opened up the world’s biggest mountains to snowboarders willing to hike, not ride a helicopter, to the top before riding down the mountain. A pro snowboarder for more than 20 years, the Swatch Proteam athlete was recently featured in his big mountain snowboarding film trilogy titled “Deeper, Further and Higher.”

In terms of his collaboration with Swatch, Jeremy had this to say:

“My goal was to create a timeless, reliable, classic adventure watch. I have a ton of respect for the history of Swatch, and now to be a part of it is really exciting. After all, timing is everything. Letting nothing get in the way of your goals when the timing is right, and being patient, backing off when the timing is off. This dance with time is the key to success in life and in the mountains.”

Jones’ new signature Swatch “Deeper, Further, Higher” is an exclusive limited and numbered edition of only 150 pieces. Each numbered piece in this exclusive limited edition comes bundled with Jeremy Jones’s new book, “No Words For the Way Down.” The book presents a collection of amazing photographs, stories and behind-the-scenes adventures from Jones’ trilogy of films. It captures his thoughts and words from the last five years and invites readers to join him on a personal journey into the world of big mountain boarding.


Knowing this limited quantity will go fast, Swatch is also releasing a second version of the new Jeremy Jones watch, named “The Journey is the Reward”, as an unlimited edition. For more information on Jones’ new watch, please visit:

For any information regarding his book, check out:

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