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OG Joey, Ninja Joe, Lil Joey, Joey the Mountain, The ESTEBAN! while the nick names have changed, one thing has remained the same, he has been killing Las Vegas streets since back in the day. And his latest video parts prove just that nailing clean trick over big gaps. The 2015 releases, “Take Two” by Dom G, and Pharmacy’s “The Vegas Video” by Jordan Gibo and Kevin Phelps, has helped launch his skateboard career. I was able to catch-up with him while he had some downtime from an emergency appendicitis.

Joey Esteban

Q: So a lot has been happening lately, 2 new parts dropped this year, new sponsors, give us the update.
A: yeah my “Take Two” and “the Vegas Video” parts stop by Pharmacy and snag a video before they are gone for good.. Thnx homies for letting me get up in them thangs! But yeah my sponsors are HurtLife skateboards, Pharmacy Boardshop, Official Genius, KR3W Denim, Fallen Shoes, and Theeve Trucks. Huge Shoutout to them man holding me down keeping me going!

Q: To a lot of people you might be the new kid on the block, but you have been skateboarding for a long time, how long have you been skating?
A: I’ve been skating for 12 years now. I wouldn’t consider myself the new kid on the block, thats donnie walberg. hahah

Joey Esteban

Q: So you are one of only a few locals that got added to the Hurtlife team, what was it like when Rag Doll hit you up an offered you a spot on the squad?
A: It was a trip! Haha I think he DM me at first that’s how I got his number then I remember I was driving and he called me and offered me a spot on HurtLife team and I was just like fuck yeah! It was just nuts cause I used to watch Ragdolls Video parts growing up and yeah it was just crazy haha still is.. but yeah we ended up meeting up at a Bar chopped it up and he welcomed me to the team. But ya man Rags is the man he’s definitely helped me out a lot lately love you G! And always big shoutout to KC and Lowden! HL

Q: A few of those gaps you nailed in the Vegas Video caught my attention, what new bangers are your working on?
A: yeah trying to change it up a bit.. Been working on some new things. You’ll see.. Haha

Joey Esteban

Q: Word on the street is you have a part coming out in “Hello Mercy” any thing you want to share about how your part is shaping up?
A: Yeah there’s actually the promo coming out in October for the whole HL squad. It’s actually coming along besides this damn unexpected surgery ( I had to get my appendix taken out).. But yeah it’s going good! Haha can’t wait to skate again.

also congrats to Joey on being a new father!


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