Turcom “AcoustoShock Mini” Review

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Turcom is an electronics company out of California, and they make some pretty cool speakers. The “AcoustoShock Mini” is one of their more portable models, and is great for any outdoor adventure. Right off the bat, I love how loud this thing can get for its size. Since it is so compact, I was a little worried that it wasn’t going to be as loud as I wanted. But, after trying it out, I am happy to say that this is far from the case. The AcoustoShock Mini provides you with a crisp sound overall, and gets the job done. Another reason why I dug this speaker is because of how durable it is. First off, it’s waterproof and can survive even in a rainstorm. That really impressed me. Plus, its silicon case makes it impervious to dirt and dust, and even protects the speaker against unexpected drops or spills. I liked that a lot, too.

At the end of the day, an outdoor speaker should do three things in my book. First, it must be easy to transport. The AcoustoShock Mini definitely passes this test, and can easily fit in a small bag or large pocket. Second, it has to be able to play music in nearly any condition. The AcoustoShock Mini passes this test too, and its shock-proof case keeps it safe and secure. Finally, an outdoor speaker must be able to access Bluetooth and have a long battery life. The AcoustoShock Mini can connect to bluetooth and lasts up to ten hours, and also passes this test in flying colors. To conclude, if you’re looking for a portable, loud and durable outdoor speaker, look no further. The AcoustoShock Mini is one of the best outdoor speakers out there, and can handle whatever you throw at it. It’s currently on sale for the low price of $37.99, so definitely check out the Turcom website if you’re interested. For more info or to purchase, please visit https://turcomusa.com/turcom-ts-456-wireless-outdoor-speaker-water-resistant-dust-proof-shock-proof.html.

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