Jeremy Jones “The Journey is the Reward” Review

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Jeremy Jones recently collabed with Swiss watch manufacturers ‘Swatch’ on two different watches, and today we get to look at ‘The Journey is the Reward’ model. Right out of the gate, I have to say that I really dig this watch. Now, I’ve never been a huge watch guy in the past. But, I will say that I would definitely rock this watch any day of the week. First off, I love the strap. It’s made of tan leather, and really adds to the overall style of the watch. The watch itself is made of stainless steel, and is rather sleek as a whole. The tan leather and black steel compliment each other quite nicely, and I love the contrast between the two.

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The coolest thing about ‘The Journey is the Reward’ has to be its ability to handle the outdoors. The watch works as a chronograph, glows in the dark, tells the date and is water proof. I also want to point out how much I like that it’s made of stainless steel. Its durability as a metal always impresses me, and not only is this watch sleek as hell, but it also is multi-functional. This is probably one of the best watches I’ve seen on the market this holiday season, so make sure to check it out if you’re interested. For more information or to purchase ‘The Journey is the Reward’, please visit

Jeremy Jones is a snowboarding legend, and is the man who opened up the world’s big mountains to boarders willing to hike, not ride a helicopter, to the top of their lines before plunging down the mountain. A professional snowboarder for more than 20 years, the Swatch Proteam athlete was also recently featured in ‘Deeper, Further and Higher’, a trilogy of films that take viewers deep into the spectacular world of big mountain snowboarding. Jeremy Jones is also a committed environmental activist, founder and president of Protect Our Winters, a foundation committed to fighting climate change.

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