The Doppelgangaz Interview

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Recently caught up with the ever cloaked out Doppelgangaz hellions to talk about their newest project, Beats for Brothels, Vol. 3, and grab some pointers on curating the proper dick pic for this holiday giving season. On another note…get these dumpster diving/breast exposing men some god damn artisanal sustenance…EP out here surviving on tuna melts and saltines. I can’t sleep on that!

First off, let’s talk food and beverages real quick. What’s been hitting the palettes lately?

EP: Lately? Damn. It’s been nothing but struggle meals. Want to get back to the fine dining, but that Black Cloak Lifestyle keeps calling a Ganga name. Pretty much tuna, grilled cheeses, canned soup and frozen pizza. The more I talk about it, the more I want my life to end.

What is exciting you in hip hop right now?

MOF: 2015 has definitely been a great year for the genre in my opinion. It’s exciting to see all different types of sounds on the charts. Shit you might see the Dopp in that number one spot sooner than you think. Crazier things have happened right?

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Where are you guys at right now? Where was the last show?

EP: We’re back in Parts Unknown doing what we do best. Sharking. The last show we had was in Philly. It was a grand old time. Sharks from all ages were there, a fight broke out, we had an authentic Philly cheesesteak and left with zero female contact as it always goes with us. I could’ve sworn being a rapper meant you get mamis all over you. Damn fam.

Got any weird tour stories or shit you’ve encountered in NYC?

MOF: We can’t disclose any tour stories but there’s always some wild random shit to be seen in NY. I once witnessed a dog give birth in a Kennedy fried chicken.

Where have you guys been living?

EP: It’s Parts Unknown all day, everyday, but you can catch us everywhere. We get bored real quick so we’re always up to something. You might randomly catch us in Maine. Weirder things have happened.

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You got a new project dropping in December, what’s good with that? Any big plans after/for the release?

MOF: We can’t wait like Bart Scott. Beats for Brothels, Vol. 3 drops on December 18. We might have some surprises on deck too. Also, plan on seeing the Dopp in your city in 2016. Long overdue kid.

Reflect a bit on the creative process for the album, versus past projects.

EP: Same process as always which is no real defined process. Just a lot of hard drugs, alcohol and women that have been paid for. The rest is a blur kehd.

Most importantly with the gift giving season around the corner, can you shed some expertise on shooting the perfect dick pic? I’m talking unlimited budget, props, lighting, resolution, etc. How are you going to guarantee that he/she hits you back and/or initiates some physical activity?

EP: You got to angle down. Make it seem like the mamba is busting through the screen. Shawty bout to love that. Have some really professional lighting and even use one of those silver fill cards that they use in film to reflect light back on to your member. Then take the pic with a professional camera or with your smart phone if it takes hi res pictures. I’d suggest running some filter on it from like VSCO cam. Make it artsy. Still, no guarantees she’ll respond. Just put your best foot… or johnson I should say, forward.

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by Michael Connolly

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