Sena “Snowtalk” Headset Review

SnowTalk 1

Sena is a technologies company specializing in outdoor Bluetooth® communication, and today we get to look at their new “Snowtalk” headset. The Snowtalk serves as a headset and intercom alike, connecting you with whomever you want across vast distances. The headset allows you to maintain conversations within a 700 meter range, ensuring that you and your friends won’t ever get lost on the mountain. Another dope feature about this headset is its design. It’s sleek enough to fit right within your helmet, but feels durable enough to handle the wintertime. That’s a huge pro.

SnowTalk 2

Overall, I gotta say that I dig these headsets. They don’t get in the way of any equipment, keep you and your friends connected and thrive in harsh conditions. They are also great at reducing wind noise, last up to 6 full hours, and are rather comfortable. And, at $99, they fit their price tag too. Any avid boarders should definitely check these out.

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