Boston Calling Festival Recap

It seems as though music festivals across the country have given a new breed of humans a place to congregate and show off their bizarre hobbies and skills. This past Memorial Day Weekend, Boston Calling Music Festival took over City Hall Plaza with a variety of bands luring in a wide assortment of fans. Each of the three days presented vastly different types of crowds based on the different music genres each day offered, starting on Friday with a mellower crowd for the headliner, Jack Johnson. Saturday started off sunny and a majority of the people took advantage of the warmth by laying on the concrete and bricks while the not as well known bands started off the day. Weird costumes, crop tops, and short shorts ruled the weekend and gave others something to look at. However, the rain on Saturday seemed to deter a good amount of people but the true Death Cab For Cutie fans toughed it out despite being soaked mid afternoon. Whether it was the bands or the weather, these first two days just did not bring as many die-hard fans as you see at the bigger and more popular festivals such as Coachella or SXSW. With a lot of sitting around on the concrete and or lamely standing in the pit showing little musical passion, those “interesting” festival-goers seemed far and few.

With the killer line-up and the crazy amount of hype for Boston Calling, it seemed weird that the crowd was so lame. After waiting two days for those die-hards to show up, Sunday finally delivered. Hula-hoops, rainbow hair, flowery headbands, and face painted girls filled City Hall Plaza. Alcohol and other “feel good” substances consumed the crowd bringing out the rowdy and passionate. A good amount of the weekend presented a lot of swaying and singing-along, but the second Brand New hit the stage a new kind of passion hit the festival. The aggressive pit was not for the weary, but Boston Calling really needed this kind of rowdiness to bring it to the next level. By the time Modest Mouse went on there was barely enough room to breathe, let alone walk around and it was obvious that Boston Calling was the place to be.

Boston has always been known for its city pride, but the crowd at Boston Calling proved that its fans are just as die-hard and as ready to party as any other city. With every train and billboard in the city filled with festival flyers and ads all over the Internet, Boston did a damn good job promoting their semi-annual music festival. And with the wide assortment of bands varying from rock, indie, and pop, its no wonder fans traveled from all over the country to check out Boston Calling.

Words and Photos: Fallon Keenan

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Boston Calling is Here

bostoncallingBoston Calling starts this Friday May 23rd. Don;t miss the 3 day events with dozens of local and international musicians. Tickets are nearly all sold out but there’s still some left. Get over to the ticket page to purchase some now!

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Dam Am Minneapolis

Location: Familia HQ Skatepark
835 E. Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 379-3080

10am – Doors open + practice
5pm – Riders’ Meeting
6pm – Damn Am Welcome to Town Party

10am – Doors open + practice
12pm – Qualifiers
Three skater jams – three minutes
Top 30 go to Semi-Finals – top two Golden Tickets

10am – Doors open + practice
12pm – Semi-Finals
28 skaters from qualifiers
Two heats, 14 skaters each
Two one minute runs, best counts
Top 10 go to Finals, joining Golden Ticket winners
12 skaters
One heat
Three one minute runs, best counts
Best Trick on Obstacle TBD
Awards and product toss

Email for registration

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Static IV Premiere

static4Static IV is premiering on Friday, May 9th at 10PM at the Tampa Theatre. There will be a Pep Kim photo show from 6PM – 9PM at Workspace and an After party at The Bricks.

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The LB Project

lbprojectThe LB project has been created to Unite the European Skateboard scene through art shows in Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and London.
A year (June 2014 / June 2015) where artists, skateshops, media and brands will unite to make skateboard and art accessible to all.

Through this project we will support Skateistan by donating half of the artworks presented during the exhibition (27 unique artworks).

The other half will be given to all the users of the LB Project. Indeed, people have the opportunity to register freely on the website to get a chance to win 27 from the 54 unique skateboards.

The Artists-
Michael Sieben, Jeremyville, Todd Bratrud, Jeremy Fish, Funeral French, Kid Creature, Chad Eaton, Mark Foster, Mike Kershnar, BB Bastidas, Lucas Beaufort

LB Project Facebook
LB Project Instagram

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Off The Wall Spring Classic Live Stream

The Vans “Off The Wall” Spring Classic has established itself as something of a hot date in the Italian calendar, and an event that is not to be missed for the European skateboarding scene. Located right on the coast and offering an awesome fusion of sun, sand, sea and inspired mini ramp riding, the event successfully mixes Californian spirit with Italian flair.

Over the past five years, this combination has created what has undoubtedly become one of the most laid back and enjoyable events in skateboarding, and the perfect opener to the contest season. For five years, the little Ligurian town of Varazze has been a fantastic host to the Vans “Off The Wall” Spring Classic, but for 2014, we’re mixing it up a little…and heading south. As we bid ‘arrivederci’ to Varazze, we say ‘salve’ to Napoli! Grab your board and pack your sunblock, as it’s going to be one hell of a weekend.

With all the elements that the event has become famous, now set in the historic the city of Naples, we find ourselves back by the beach and ready to roll. Expect a bigger, better mini ramp, offering more potential and more fun, the Vans’ Market Place with food stalls, barber shop and more, and on the Saturday evening, we’ll have a stellar music line up for you.

Attracting riders from all over Europe, as well as special guests from further afield, the standard of riding at the Vans “Off The Wall” Spring Classic has continued to rise. 2013′s edition really saw the bar being raised, with some insane tricks going down, so with an improved ramp for this year, we can only expect to see it elevated once again. Be sure to join us for a weekend packed full of skateboarding, music and a little sun and sea!

Friday 9th: 6-8pm Mini Ramp Best Trick
Saturday 10th: 1-5:30pm Mini Ramp Qualifications
Sunday 11th: 2 – 4:30pm Mini Ramp Finals 

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beastlycrewMAYDAY went down over the weekend at Crotched Mountain and there was still plenty of snow for the first week of May. It’ll probably be there for the rest of the month at this rate. Riders came out from all over to enjoy some super late season jibbing.
Photos- Ashley Rosemeyer









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Frendly Gathering 2014

Best friends and professional snowboarders Danny Davis and Jack Mitrani are proud to announce the full music lineup for the 2014 Frendly Gathering presented by Burton Snowboards. Headlining the fourth annual, three-day music festival are inspiring jam and indie rock bands Lotus, Delta Spirit and Deer Tick. Local Vermonters and Frendly Gathering house/festival band, Twiddle, who have been making noise across the country with their unique sound that combines funk, jam, and reggae, also play a big role at the event, playing an impressive four times during the fetival. In total, The Frendly Gathering will feature 30 different musical acts to play at the Vermont summer event, which combines music, camping, yoga, food, skateboarding, dancing, inspiration and a big dose of “Frendship.”

Tucked away in the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont, the three-day Frendly Gathering will be held at Timber Ridge, located in Windham. One of New England’s premier music festivals, The Frendly Gathering features a lineup ranging from rock and roll and bluegrass to folk, jam and electronic that is sure to stoke out all types of music lovers.

The brainchild behind the event is a group of pro snowboarders that call themselves the Frendly Crew (there is no “I” in Frends). Heading up the event is Danny Davis and Jack Mitrani who share the same passion for music, the outdoors, the environment and bringing the ideals of “Frendship” to the masses. Both musicians themselves and newly appointed Martin Guitar Ambassadors, they wanted to bring their favorite bands, both known and unknown, to one stage in a frendly and intimate festival setting that combines good vibes, good frends and good times. The Frendly Gathering was born four years ago, and each year has not only grown in audience size, but also in quality of the experience.

One example is this year, The Frendly Gathering is creating a new type of camping experience. For those who would like to camp without the hassle of traveling with gear, they can select the option to simply show up at Timber Ridge to a luxury tent of their choice that is already set up for their stay. Options include tents with cots, full beds, small cottages or RV’s.

“This is our favorite time of year,” said Mitrani. “Come June, we’ve been through the craziest highs and lows of the competition circuit including the X Games, The Dew Tour, the US Open and this year, the Olympics. The festival is our opportunity to bring together all of our fans, frends and family who have supported us throughout the snowboarding season.”

“Burton is super proud to be the Presenting Sponsor of the Frendly Gathering for the second year in a row,” stated Anne-Marie Dacyshyn, Vice President of Marketing at Burton. “Not only is it awesome to work with our riders Danny and Jack on such a cool project, the festival is also a perfect fit for Burton’s year-round lifestyle, bringing together music, friends, outdoor fun and a really good time. Can’t wait for this year.”

2014 Frendly Gathering Lineup:
Delta Spirit
Deer Tick
Twiddle x4
Lake Street Dive
Shakey Graves
Kung Fu
Sleepy Man Banjo Boys
Spirit Family Reunion
Chuck Ragan
Terra Naomi
The London Souls
Moon Hooch
Jamestown Revival
Kat Wright & ISB
Ludwig and Stiegler
DJ Equal
Disco Phantom
Chris Kasper
Gold Town
Quiet Lion
Myra Flynn
Tallgrass Getdown
Devesh Duo Band
Kris Orlowski
Wind + Wave

For more information on The Frendly Gathering, and to purchase tickets (on-sale now), visit Day passes and multi-day passes are available, as are camping passes.


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Roll For Ian

rollforianOn April 5, friend/brother/son, Ian Imes was hit by a car and paralyzed while skating. Our purpose is increase awareness, provide support, and raise funds. Please visit the Facebook page for more details or help out by donating here.

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Fifth Annual Snowflex Games

The Snowflex Games will be hosted at the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre in Lynchburg, VA. on Friday April 25th and Saturday April 26th. With a prize purse of over $18,000, the Snowflex Games will be one of the largest competitions in the South East. The events being hosted are Ski Rail Competition, Ski Big Air Competition, Snowboard Rail Competition, and Snowboard Big Air. There will be separate men’s and women’s divisions. Registration and Qualifiers will be on Friday April 25th and Finals will be on Saturday April 26th.

All Athletes need to be registered before Friday April 25th, simply register at the above “register now” tab. If you are unable to pull up the registration form, use an updated web-browser such as Google Chrome. If problems persist please don’t hesitate to call us: 434-592-5501.

Event Schedule
Friday April 25

9:00AM-12:00PM: Competitor Registration

1:00PM: Ski Rail Qualifiers

2:15PM: Snowboard Rail Qualifiers

3:45PM: Ski Big Air Qualifiers

5:00PM: Snowboard Big Air Qualifiers

6:00PM: Finalist Announced

Saturday April 26

12:00PM: Combined Women’s Finals

3:45PM: Ski Rail Jam Finals

4:30PM: Snowboard Rail Jam Finals

5:30PM: Combined Women’s Awards

6:00PM: Snowboard/Ski Big Air Finals

7:00PM: Combined Men’s Awards

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Skate For A Cause

skateforcauseEtnies is proud to present, the Sheckler Foundation’s 5th Annual Skate for a Cause, a family friendly event that combines a world class skate jam with a carnival. We have invited the top names in skateboarding to participate in this unique skate event that will benefit our Be The Change initiative.
Our high octane skate jam promises to deliver a rewarding experience for all participants. While the Cinco De Mayo carnival will offer traditional games, modified to utilize skate equipment and themes like; bearing toss, Bull pong, dunk tank, ring toss onto Indy Trucks, Pin the tail on the donkey, etc.
Skate for a Cause is FREE to attend and fun for the entire family!!!
If you would like to get up close and personal INSIDE the skatepark with pros, click on VIP Ticket Info for exclusive offers while supplies last!!!

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Skate Copa Shop Contest

skatecopaThe adidas Skate Copa 2014 is a Shop Vs Shop contest tour, which will visit five regions of the US and end in a final hosted at The Berrics on the 11th of July. Drop by the site for more details.

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Mayday! Rail Session

MaydayFor those of you looking for a postseason ski & snowboard fix, look no further! On Saturday, May 3rd Crotched Parks will host its annual MAYDAY postseason rail session on Lower CM Terrain Park from 12pm to 4pm. Freestyle skiers & riders will find a selection of rail & snow features to stomp tricks on (quantity depends on snow coverage). $10 Ticket for on snow access. Prizes will be handed out throughout the entire event. BBQ & beverages will be available for purchase.

** All proceeds from MAYDAY postseason rail session will go to Kendall Van Schoick Scholarship Fund. For those of us who did not have the pleasure of knowing Kendall, He was an inspiring & talented 20-year-old freestyle skier/instructor here at Crotched Mountain Ski & Ride that sadly passed away this past August.

Time: Saturday, May 3rd (12pm-4pm)

Location: Crotched Mountain | Lower CM Terrain Park

$10 Ticket must be purchase at event for on snow access

BBQ & Beverages will be available for purchase.

**Hike Only, Slopes are not open to public**

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Shred Circuit Finals

shred-circuitSo-Gnar presents the Shred Circuit contest series finals at Woodward Copper this Saturday and Sunday April 19th and 20th. There’s cash and prize giveaways and an official after party with Method Man and Redman. Get it!

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CVA Skate & Tramp Camp

trampCVA’s Trampoline and Skate Camp is an excellent way for skiers and riders ages 9-17 to sharpen their winter skills during the off season. Train with our world-class staff which includes Dew Tour competitors, Banks Gilberti, James Campbell and others to increase your skill level and improve your confidence, all while hanging out with your friends and having fun this summer.

Session 1: July 20 – 26
Boarding: $850 Day Camper: $695

Rafting Bridge Trip: July 26 – 27: $250 (For campers attending BOTH sessions 1 and 2)

Session 2: July 27 – Aug 2
Boarding: $850 Day Camper: $695

Session 3: Aug 8 – Aug 10
Boarding: $450 Day Camper: $350

Skate the State Option: $60 (Not available during session 3)
Skate the State is an opportunity for our campers to travel the state of Maine in search of the best outdoor skate parks. Skate the State will have limited spots for twelve athletes so sign up fast! Day trips for Skate the State will include lunch and snack.

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