7/19 -Chicken Wings and Grape Kool-Aid Rail Jam 4 at Mt Hood

Snowdogg and the Thug Krew are back with The 4th Annual Chicken Wings and Grape Kool Aid Rail Jam, going down Saturday July 19th in Mt Hood Meadows Government Camp! Brought to you by, Mt Hood Riders, Thug Krew, Good Head Beer, Baf Wax, Ill Supreme, Crooked Kingdom, Yo Beat, Official Genius, Neff, Explosive Industries, Couch Boys, Cake ATR and Steez Magazine!!!

AFTER PARTY is sure to get extra Greazy with DJ “EL CHINGON” in the mix at Charlies, Get out to MT Hood for a Chillin’ Grillin’ Good Time!!!!


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Like to get trippy mane?


Looking for something fun to get into the last weekend in July? Check out Gratifly! Gratifly is a 4 day music and arts festival in Avalon South Carolina. Avalon is a communally owned, picturesque piece of land that features a river, lake access, open fields, and shaded wooded camping areas, centrally located in the lush foothills of Appalachia. The venue is two hours from Atlanta, GA, two hours from Asheville, NC, and one hour from Greenville, SC. Gratifly is back and better than ever this year with a killer line up of all kinds of musical acts ranging from your more common festival jam bands all the way to crazier psychedelic late night acts. The music is not everything that will be going on though. This year the folks at Gratifly made sure to offer tons of other activities to take part in. There are five workshop stages featuring education and hands-on activities in sustainability, spirituality, and yoga, to large-scale interactive programs and ceremonies. Also, there will be a group of live painters that will be creating during some of the live music performances that will be going on. Check out the lineup below and see if it’s something you will be adding to your crazy summer plans. Get out and see live music!

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NYRE Songshares for Vinyl Pressing


The New York Rock Exchange is dedicated to passionate musicians and dedicated music fans who want more than just a thumbnail representing ownership of a song. The NYRE is fighting to reclaim what it means to own your music.

The New York Rock Exchange is willing to front up to half the cost of pressing vinyls for artists chosen to launch a songshare on NYRE. There is no cost to the artist and there is a new chance of revenue stream while connecting more directly with fans. Also The NYRE is still accepting submissions for their 2014 Summer Music Collection. Check out their site here

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Zumiez Shredfest


Make sure to sign up for Zumiez Stash to reserve a campsite for a weekend of riding, skating and good times from July 21-23 at Mt. Hood’s High Cascade and Windell’c camps. Zumiez is also giving away two trips for two lucky winners and a friend from anywhere in the U.S. to Mt. Hood to join in on the fun. Visit their site for more information

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Vision Street Wear x Ewokone


On July 2nd, Vision Street Wear and New York graffiti artist Ewokone are celebrating their 2014 capsule collection launch and you will not want to miss it. Its at Wallplay on 118 Orchard St. NYC, RSVP to: vsw@pitchcontrolpr.com

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Adidas Skate Copa 2014


On July 11th, The adidas Skate Copa 2014 will end in a final hosted by The Berrics. The Skate Copa is a Shop Vs Shop contest tour which will visit five regions of the US to find the best. The West Coast Regionals take place on July 10th and the Finals take place on the 11th. If you’re in the West Coast area make sure to check them out. Watch the recaps thus far here and for more information about the Skate Copa tour, please check out The Boardr.

#adidasSkateCopa @adidasSkateboarding

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Pizzacat’s Skate or Pie recap

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 12.11.32 PM
Recognizing Real presents @The_Pizzacat’s 1st Annual Skate or Pie ! Skateboard and Pizza Contest

RESULTS: 16 & up
1st Jason Thurtle – THE SAUCE BO$$
2nd Adrian McCoy
3rd Travis Myers
4th Will Pousant
5th Chris Perez
6th Emmanuel Lozano
winners (photo: Durso)

The “Quarter Pie” Award – BEST TRICK on the Quarterpipe – Emmanuel Lozano.

Flatbread Combination Award – BEST COMBINATION of Tricks on the Flatbox – Chris Perez.

1st – AJ Sedupe
2nd – DJ Swartley
3rd – Caleb Kozakasky
4th – Drew Hartler
5th – Julian Martinez
6th – Dylan Batoon
7th – James Steinke

Groms – 12&under
1st – Laird Brunson
2nd – Ivan Kozakovsky
3rd – Miles Davis
4th – Johnny Steinke

Golden Slice Awards 2014
Fan Favorite – Poppy’s Pizza

Best Pepperoni – Pizza Rock
pizza-rock3 pizza-rock2
Biggest Slice – Pin up Pizza
pin-up-pizza-2 pin-up-pizza
Recognizing Real presents The Pizzacat’s 1st Annual Skate or Pie ! Skateboard and Pizza Contest!!
tent-city(photo: Durso)

Hosted by DOUBLE D – Dave Duncan!

Couldn’t be more happy with the event turnout!! Major shout out to RECOGNIZING REAL and their team for being huge supporters of the event and really helping it be the most it could be!! All the Vendors AG Photographix! Mad Klothing, Crooked Kingdom, Colonial brand, Deuces All star Krew, Mowgli art, Nation Essentials, ParkFAB, Laced, Dopeass Glass, Bad Boarderz, Pizza Chefs, Poppys Pizza and Zyda skateboards, vending in the heat and supporting the skate scene can’t thank you enough for all the giveaways, the kids were super stoked on em! S/O Thugkrew, Steez mag, Explosive Ind, and Osiris shoes for providing giveaways to the winners and crowd! Skatecity and Colonial brand skateboards for hosting us! The OG skate team for repping hard as fuck! All the Judges, Blue Tile Lounge and JARRITOS for coming in as last minute sponsors! Stoked to have the support of the skate rock legends comp that happened last month, also the legend Double D Dave Duncan for making it sound like the Xgames or Dew tour in there! All the performers Late for Dinner, DJ Munkey, Johnny Mcnazty, Jay Kapp, L Boogie, Bangerz and DeMarco Cruz for killing their sets! Good music always helps make a great event, they killed it And finally all the skaters, parents and homies that came out can’t wait for the next one! ‪

registrationofficialgenius-booth registration2crookedkingdom-booth og-hatsag-taylor-willisAG-Leroi-Bishopag-adrian-mccoy(photo: @AG_photographix)sk8orpie-2sk8orpie dak badboarderz explosivedopeassmadmen park-fabsicdicatetafoya-2 pizza-rocklate-for-dinnerJasonThurtleog-skate-team

Recognizing Real’s recap of Skate or Pie – video by Jesse Hudson

Zyda Skateboards recap

Explosive team riders were also on the scene, check out there recap here on RollDawgszine.

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The Lb Project


The LB Project has been created to unite the European Skateboard scene through art shows in Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and London. This project will support Skateistan by donating half of the artworks presented during the exhibition.

The show will feature: Michael Sieben / Todd Bratrud / Jeremy Fish / Mark Foster / Jeremyville / Kid Creature / Funeral French / Mike Kershnar / Lucas Beaufort / Chad Eaton / BB Bastidas

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NYRock Exchange Submissions for Summer Music Collection


The New York Rock Exchange is an innovative new company that connects bands directly with fans, they do this through songshares. They have already launch successful songshares with over a dozen bands and singers, all devoted to spreading their music. This summer they are launching a Summer Music Collection with 10 of the hottest up-and-coming bands. If you’re interested check out their site or apply for this sick opportunity.

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LOOK AWAY: The Art of Todd Fancis


WINS is happy to announce the global release of LOOK AWAY: THE ART OF TODD FRANCIS, by Seb Carayol and Todd Francis on June 26th at the Hennessey + Ingalls in LA. Most people know Todd Francis for his work over the past 20 years creating iconinc skateboard graphics for Antihero, Element, Real and Stereo among others.

This book reveals more to Francis than most of his biggest fans even know. Check out how to get your hands on it here

Event Dates:
LOS ANGELES – Thursday, June 26 at Hennessey + Ingalls bookstore, 6pm
(1520 N Cahuenga Blvd #8, Los Angeles, CA 90028)

MILAN – Wednesday, July 2 at Bastard store, 6pm
(Via Scipio Slataper, 19, 20125 Milano, Italy)

BERLIN – Tuesday, July 8 at Bright Tradeshow booth 117/118, 4pm
(Brunnenstrasse 19-21, 10119 Berlin, Germany)

SAN FRANCISCO – Thursday, July 17 at DLXSF store, 6pm
(1831 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103)

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Frendly Gathing Music Festival Announces Greening Initiatives


The team at The Frendly Gathering Music Festival, led by pro snowboarders Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis, announces its greening initiatives for the fourth annual event, taking place June 27-28 at Timber Ridge in Windham, Vermont. The Festival is presented by Burton Snowboards, who returns for its second year the presenting sponsor. With an outdoor multi-day music festival, The Frendly Gathering encourages its own team, its supporters and festival goers to “keep it clean.”

“Our greening initiative is a collaboration amongst the Frendly Crew as well as the community of Frendly Gathering attendees,” said Jack Mitrani, Frendly Gathering co-producer and pro snowboarder. “If we all work together, we can keep Timber Ridge a clean and beautiful environment for everyone to enjoy throughout the weekend.”

The Frendly Gathering has posted an Eco-Frendly Commitment on their website at FrendlyGathering.com and has listed goals and suggestions on keeping the event green, including: producing just one dumpster of trash at the most through the entire event, promoting the seven principles of Leave No Trace, encouraging carpooling and leaving glow sticks at home, to name only a few.

For more info check out their site

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Boston Calling Festival Recap

It seems as though music festivals across the country have given a new breed of humans a place to congregate and show off their bizarre hobbies and skills. This past Memorial Day Weekend, Boston Calling Music Festival took over City Hall Plaza with a variety of bands luring in a wide assortment of fans. Each of the three days presented vastly different types of crowds based on the different music genres each day offered, starting on Friday with a mellower crowd for the headliner, Jack Johnson. Saturday started off sunny and a majority of the people took advantage of the warmth by laying on the concrete and bricks while the not as well known bands started off the day. Weird costumes, crop tops, and short shorts ruled the weekend and gave others something to look at. However, the rain on Saturday seemed to deter a good amount of people but the true Death Cab For Cutie fans toughed it out despite being soaked mid afternoon. Whether it was the bands or the weather, these first two days just did not bring as many die-hard fans as you see at the bigger and more popular festivals such as Coachella or SXSW. With a lot of sitting around on the concrete and or lamely standing in the pit showing little musical passion, those “interesting” festival-goers seemed far and few.

With the killer line-up and the crazy amount of hype for Boston Calling, it seemed weird that the crowd was so lame. After waiting two days for those die-hards to show up, Sunday finally delivered. Hula-hoops, rainbow hair, flowery headbands, and face painted girls filled City Hall Plaza. Alcohol and other “feel good” substances consumed the crowd bringing out the rowdy and passionate. A good amount of the weekend presented a lot of swaying and singing-along, but the second Brand New hit the stage a new kind of passion hit the festival. The aggressive pit was not for the weary, but Boston Calling really needed this kind of rowdiness to bring it to the next level. By the time Modest Mouse went on there was barely enough room to breathe, let alone walk around and it was obvious that Boston Calling was the place to be.

Boston has always been known for its city pride, but the crowd at Boston Calling proved that its fans are just as die-hard and as ready to party as any other city. With every train and billboard in the city filled with festival flyers and ads all over the Internet, Boston did a damn good job promoting their semi-annual music festival. And with the wide assortment of bands varying from rock, indie, and pop, its no wonder fans traveled from all over the country to check out Boston Calling.

Words and Photos: Fallon Keenan

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Boston Calling is Here

bostoncallingBoston Calling starts this Friday May 23rd. Don;t miss the 3 day events with dozens of local and international musicians. Tickets are nearly all sold out but there’s still some left. Get over to the ticket page to purchase some now!

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Dam Am Minneapolis

Location: Familia HQ Skatepark
835 E. Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 379-3080

10am – Doors open + practice
5pm – Riders’ Meeting
6pm – Damn Am Welcome to Town Party

10am – Doors open + practice
12pm – Qualifiers
Three skater jams – three minutes
Top 30 go to Semi-Finals – top two Golden Tickets

10am – Doors open + practice
12pm – Semi-Finals
28 skaters from qualifiers
Two heats, 14 skaters each
Two one minute runs, best counts
Top 10 go to Finals, joining Golden Ticket winners
12 skaters
One heat
Three one minute runs, best counts
Best Trick on Obstacle TBD
Awards and product toss

Email sebastian@skateparkoftampa.com for registration

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Static IV Premiere

static4Static IV is premiering on Friday, May 9th at 10PM at the Tampa Theatre. There will be a Pep Kim photo show from 6PM – 9PM at Workspace and an After party at The Bricks.

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