Sena “Snowtalk” Headset Review

SnowTalk 1

Sena is a technologies company specializing in outdoor Bluetooth® communication, and today we get to look at their new “Snowtalk” headset. The Snowtalk serves as a headset and intercom alike, connecting you with whomever you want across vast distances. The headset allows you to maintain conversations within a 700 meter range, ensuring that you and your friends won’t ever get lost on the mountain. Another dope feature about this headset is its design. It’s sleek enough to fit right within your helmet, but feels durable enough to handle the wintertime. That’s a huge pro.

SnowTalk 2

Overall, I gotta say that I dig these headsets. They don’t get in the way of any equipment, keep you and your friends connected and thrive in harsh conditions. They are also great at reducing wind noise, last up to 6 full hours, and are rather comfortable. And, at $99, they fit their price tag too. Any avid boarders should definitely check these out.

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Cashing In on a 30 Year Old Offer


This past November, my supervisor and I were looking through some old Rolling Stone magazines. Most of the issues dated back to the 1980s, and we were especially entertained by the old ads we came across. The more we read through these ads, the more we saw exclusive “mail-in” offers that would give you a free sample of the product advertised. The idea then came about that we should actually try to cash in on one of these offers, even though they were decades old. The only way that this would actually work is if the offer didn’t have an expiration date, and if the company was still at the same location. Although we knew it would be a difficult task, we felt that it could be done.

We scoured through ad after ad, looking for the perfect candidate. The more we searched, the more unlikely it appeared that we would actually find an offer that still existed. Only a few magazines remained at this point, and we trudged on in hopes that something would pop up. We picked up an issue from November of 1985 and, to our surprise, we found something. An advertisement for Blistex lip balm. The ad was so old that the company was still going by their previous name ‘Blistik’, and we knew this was exactly what we needed. All we had to do was mail in 50¢ and provide a return address, and a free sample of Blistex medicated lip balm was ours. There was no expiration date printed on the ad, and it appeared that we had finally found the loophole we were looking for.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 12.57.09 PM

I then began my letter to Blistex, explaining the situation. To make it feel as legit as possible, I made it seem like I genuinely thought the clearly out-dated offer was still standing. The letter read:

“To the Good Folks at Blistik,

Howdy! I hope today finds you well. I was recently going through the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine and came across an advertisement for your new “creamier Blistik” medicated lip balm. And, to be truthful, it looked so darn creamy and dandy that I had to respond to your ad and get one for myself. Included in this envelope you will find the necessary 50¢ and my return address. I look forward to receiving my complimentary Blistik lip ointment, and with the winter months coming, my battered old lips surely will need it. Thank you for this opportunity, I will try to contain my jubilance in the meantime!


Ben P.”

We sent the letter and 50¢ over to Blistex, along with a copy of the ad, and waited. A few weeks went by and I began to think that maybe they thought it was a prank of some sorts, and weren’t interested in fulfilling the offer. That was until early last month, when I received a package from them in the mail.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 1.05.58 PM

To my surprise, the package contained a complimentary medicated lip balm. Not only that, but I also received a letter from the company’s consumer affairs department:

“Dear Ben,

We would like to thank you for your interest in Blistex and taking the time to contact us about an old advertisement you saw in a Rolling Stone magazine about a free trial offer. This offer has been discontinued for quite some time and we have discontinued our sampling program. However, in response to your letter, and taking out the time to contact us, we have enclosed a complimentary tube of Medicated Lip Ointment. We trust that this product will meet with your expectation.

If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us directly.


Consumer Affairs.”

Not only were they good sports about the whole thing, but they actually fulfilled their 30 year old offer! So, the moral of the story is this. First, shouts to the good folks at Blistex. And, second, if you have any old magazines lying around, definitely take a look through them. You never know what offers are still out there just waiting to be cashed in.


by Ben Pinette

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The Doppelgangaz Interview

Dopp 1

Recently caught up with the ever cloaked out Doppelgangaz hellions to talk about their newest project, Beats for Brothels, Vol. 3, and grab some pointers on curating the proper dick pic for this holiday giving season. On another note…get these dumpster diving/breast exposing men some god damn artisanal sustenance…EP out here surviving on tuna melts and saltines. I can’t sleep on that!

First off, let’s talk food and beverages real quick. What’s been hitting the palettes lately?

EP: Lately? Damn. It’s been nothing but struggle meals. Want to get back to the fine dining, but that Black Cloak Lifestyle keeps calling a Ganga name. Pretty much tuna, grilled cheeses, canned soup and frozen pizza. The more I talk about it, the more I want my life to end.

What is exciting you in hip hop right now?

MOF: 2015 has definitely been a great year for the genre in my opinion. It’s exciting to see all different types of sounds on the charts. Shit you might see the Dopp in that number one spot sooner than you think. Crazier things have happened right?

Dopp 3

Where are you guys at right now? Where was the last show?

EP: We’re back in Parts Unknown doing what we do best. Sharking. The last show we had was in Philly. It was a grand old time. Sharks from all ages were there, a fight broke out, we had an authentic Philly cheesesteak and left with zero female contact as it always goes with us. I could’ve sworn being a rapper meant you get mamis all over you. Damn fam.

Got any weird tour stories or shit you’ve encountered in NYC?

MOF: We can’t disclose any tour stories but there’s always some wild random shit to be seen in NY. I once witnessed a dog give birth in a Kennedy fried chicken.

Where have you guys been living?

EP: It’s Parts Unknown all day, everyday, but you can catch us everywhere. We get bored real quick so we’re always up to something. You might randomly catch us in Maine. Weirder things have happened.

Dopp 2

You got a new project dropping in December, what’s good with that? Any big plans after/for the release?

MOF: We can’t wait like Bart Scott. Beats for Brothels, Vol. 3 drops on December 18. We might have some surprises on deck too. Also, plan on seeing the Dopp in your city in 2016. Long overdue kid.

Reflect a bit on the creative process for the album, versus past projects.

EP: Same process as always which is no real defined process. Just a lot of hard drugs, alcohol and women that have been paid for. The rest is a blur kehd.

Most importantly with the gift giving season around the corner, can you shed some expertise on shooting the perfect dick pic? I’m talking unlimited budget, props, lighting, resolution, etc. How are you going to guarantee that he/she hits you back and/or initiates some physical activity?

EP: You got to angle down. Make it seem like the mamba is busting through the screen. Shawty bout to love that. Have some really professional lighting and even use one of those silver fill cards that they use in film to reflect light back on to your member. Then take the pic with a professional camera or with your smart phone if it takes hi res pictures. I’d suggest running some filter on it from like VSCO cam. Make it artsy. Still, no guarantees she’ll respond. Just put your best foot… or johnson I should say, forward.

Dopp 4

For more information on The Dopplegangaz or to purchase Beats For Brothels, Vol. 3, please visit


by Michael Connolly

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Jeremy Jones “The Journey is the Reward” Review

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.03.42 AM

Jeremy Jones recently collabed with Swiss watch manufacturers ‘Swatch’ on two different watches, and today we get to look at ‘The Journey is the Reward’ model. Right out of the gate, I have to say that I really dig this watch. Now, I’ve never been a huge watch guy in the past. But, I will say that I would definitely rock this watch any day of the week. First off, I love the strap. It’s made of tan leather, and really adds to the overall style of the watch. The watch itself is made of stainless steel, and is rather sleek as a whole. The tan leather and black steel compliment each other quite nicely, and I love the contrast between the two.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.08.58 AM

The coolest thing about ‘The Journey is the Reward’ has to be its ability to handle the outdoors. The watch works as a chronograph, glows in the dark, tells the date and is water proof. I also want to point out how much I like that it’s made of stainless steel. Its durability as a metal always impresses me, and not only is this watch sleek as hell, but it also is multi-functional. This is probably one of the best watches I’ve seen on the market this holiday season, so make sure to check it out if you’re interested. For more information or to purchase ‘The Journey is the Reward’, please visit

Jeremy Jones is a snowboarding legend, and is the man who opened up the world’s big mountains to boarders willing to hike, not ride a helicopter, to the top of their lines before plunging down the mountain. A professional snowboarder for more than 20 years, the Swatch Proteam athlete was also recently featured in ‘Deeper, Further and Higher’, a trilogy of films that take viewers deep into the spectacular world of big mountain snowboarding. Jeremy Jones is also a committed environmental activist, founder and president of Protect Our Winters, a foundation committed to fighting climate change.

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The Return of Sessions


Last week, legendary snowboard brand Sessions announced that they were fully relaunched and ready to go for the 2016/2017 season. The company has not been active in the U.S. for the past two years, and will premiere their new line for North America at the upcoming SIA Snow Show in Denver next month.

The company will be led by founder Joel Gomez and Robert Myers, president of Pretty Great LLC. A little over a year ago, Pretty Great LLC purchased Sessions and has since been working to relaunch the brand in America. The company also announced its team of riders this past week, which will include Ryan Paul, Jesse Paul, Scotty Vine, Nick Geisen and Ryland West.

Like many other brands in the industry, Sessions faced tough times towards the end of the previous decade. The financial crisis of 2007-08 and poor snow conditions on the west coast hit the brand hard, and the bank ended up discontinuing their credit around this time. In order to put out their next year’s line, Sessions required more funding and the company signed a financial deal with Samsung. After about two years of the Samsung partnership, Sessions still wasn’t performing at the level they desired and Gomez knew it was time to make some changes. He then talked to Pretty Great LLC and their main funding partner about a potential sale, and the two parties worked out a deal.

“We ended up getting out of the (Samsung) deal, and it strained the company. I mean it’s the same story with any other company. We took all these hits, and on top of that, with the snow conditions going downhill, someone came and asked if we would consider selling and we got a fair offer and we took it,” said Gomez.

Sessions 3

Sessions plans on staying close to their roots, and will focus most of their energy on the Tahoe area. From there, the company hopes to expand to Colorado and other states in the future, but for now the emphasis will stay on California.

“You can’t spread yourself too thin. I’d rather go to one area and have a strong presence, plant the seed and then have it root from there. Tahoe is where we ride,” Gomez said. “When I started the brand it was all about passion. I love the snow, and skate and music. That’s sort of my background. And everything changed when all these big companies went public, and sales had to keep growing. When we relaunched Sessions, our goal at the start was just to work with specialty shops and maybe one online dealer. We just need to get back with the right mindset,” he added.

Sessions will officially premiere their new line for the 2016/2017 at the SIA Snow Show in January. According to Gomez, the line will have a “historic feel” to it, and will also feature some more “fashion forward” designs from Myers as well.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 3.17.47 PM

“Snowboarding seems to be missing something. Maybe it is because I have been around for a while and recall the energy and angst from the DIY days of the 90’s. I feel like Sessions has an opportunity to inject some soul and passion to snowboarding. There is so much history behind the brand that I am sure most people don’t even know how many key athletes and industry firsts Sessions has provided,” said Myers.

Pretty Great LLC also manages three other companies in addition to Sessions, including Bonfire and Nikita. Balancing all these companies at once hasn’t been easy for Myers and the rest of the staff, but they have taken each challenge in stride.

“One challenge has been rebuilding a brand with a small team and a tight budget. We want to be responsible and realistic about growth and make sure we relay the proper foundation for Sessions. We address this with hard work, creativity and drawing from our past experiences,” said Myers.

“The next challenge is to do our best in healing some of the retail wounds from the past. Almost every end consumer I talk to about Sessions has an overwhelmingly positive feeling about the brand and that is very reassuring,” he added.

Sessions 2

When it comes to the future, both Myers and Gomez are excited.

“So far, the work has been really inspiring,” said Myers. “As a group we respect each other’s experience and creativity in a way that makes the process really enjoyable. It is tough work but also rewarding to see what we are achieving.”

Although Sessions will not release a line in the States this season, the company has still stayed busy in other global markets. They have remained active in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and hope to find even more success domestically in the following year. Right now, fans can get a taste of the new line on the relaunched Sessions website, and the full line will be premiered at the end of next month.

In addition to relaunching Sessions, Gomez has also started his own merchandising company titled “45RPM.” The company makes merchandise for various musicians, and is currently working with renowned acts such as Metallica, Foo Fighters and Band of Horses.

For more information on Sessions, visit For more info on Pretty Great LLC, please visit their LinkedIn page at All photos courtesy of Sessions MFG.


by Ben Pinette

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Turcom “AcoustoShock Mini” Review

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 1.13.43 PM

Turcom is an electronics company out of California, and they make some pretty cool speakers. The “AcoustoShock Mini” is one of their more portable models, and is great for any outdoor adventure. Right off the bat, I love how loud this thing can get for its size. Since it is so compact, I was a little worried that it wasn’t going to be as loud as I wanted. But, after trying it out, I am happy to say that this is far from the case. The AcoustoShock Mini provides you with a crisp sound overall, and gets the job done. Another reason why I dug this speaker is because of how durable it is. First off, it’s waterproof and can survive even in a rainstorm. That really impressed me. Plus, its silicon case makes it impervious to dirt and dust, and even protects the speaker against unexpected drops or spills. I liked that a lot, too.

At the end of the day, an outdoor speaker should do three things in my book. First, it must be easy to transport. The AcoustoShock Mini definitely passes this test, and can easily fit in a small bag or large pocket. Second, it has to be able to play music in nearly any condition. The AcoustoShock Mini passes this test too, and its shock-proof case keeps it safe and secure. Finally, an outdoor speaker must be able to access Bluetooth and have a long battery life. The AcoustoShock Mini can connect to bluetooth and lasts up to ten hours, and also passes this test in flying colors. To conclude, if you’re looking for a portable, loud and durable outdoor speaker, look no further. The AcoustoShock Mini is one of the best outdoor speakers out there, and can handle whatever you throw at it. It’s currently on sale for the low price of $37.99, so definitely check out the Turcom website if you’re interested. For more info or to purchase, please visit

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UP NEXT: Joey Esteban


OG Joey, Ninja Joe, Lil Joey, Joey the Mountain, The ESTEBAN! while the nick names have changed, one thing has remained the same, he has been killing Las Vegas streets since back in the day. And his latest video parts prove just that nailing clean trick over big gaps. The 2015 releases, “Take Two” by Dom G, and Pharmacy’s “The Vegas Video” by Jordan Gibo and Kevin Phelps, has helped launch his skateboard career. I was able to catch-up with him while he had some downtime from an emergency appendicitis.

Joey Esteban

Q: So a lot has been happening lately, 2 new parts dropped this year, new sponsors, give us the update.
A: yeah my “Take Two” and “the Vegas Video” parts stop by Pharmacy and snag a video before they are gone for good.. Thnx homies for letting me get up in them thangs! But yeah my sponsors are HurtLife skateboards, Pharmacy Boardshop, Official Genius, KR3W Denim, Fallen Shoes, and Theeve Trucks. Huge Shoutout to them man holding me down keeping me going!

Q: To a lot of people you might be the new kid on the block, but you have been skateboarding for a long time, how long have you been skating?
A: I’ve been skating for 12 years now. I wouldn’t consider myself the new kid on the block, thats donnie walberg. hahah

Joey Esteban

Q: So you are one of only a few locals that got added to the Hurtlife team, what was it like when Rag Doll hit you up an offered you a spot on the squad?
A: It was a trip! Haha I think he DM me at first that’s how I got his number then I remember I was driving and he called me and offered me a spot on HurtLife team and I was just like fuck yeah! It was just nuts cause I used to watch Ragdolls Video parts growing up and yeah it was just crazy haha still is.. but yeah we ended up meeting up at a Bar chopped it up and he welcomed me to the team. But ya man Rags is the man he’s definitely helped me out a lot lately love you G! And always big shoutout to KC and Lowden! HL

Q: A few of those gaps you nailed in the Vegas Video caught my attention, what new bangers are your working on?
A: yeah trying to change it up a bit.. Been working on some new things. You’ll see.. Haha

Joey Esteban

Q: Word on the street is you have a part coming out in “Hello Mercy” any thing you want to share about how your part is shaping up?
A: Yeah there’s actually the promo coming out in October for the whole HL squad. It’s actually coming along besides this damn unexpected surgery ( I had to get my appendix taken out).. But yeah it’s going good! Haha can’t wait to skate again.

also congrats to Joey on being a new father!


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Burton x Playboy 2016 Snowboard Collection

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.11.14 AM

Playboy Enterprises, Inc. and Burton recently announced the latest Burton x Playboy snowboard collection, featuring vintage Playboy centerfolds and artwork by acclaimed tattoo artist Chris Nunez.

The collection includes three of Burton’s Process snowboards designed with select Playboy centerfolds from the 70’s and 80’s, overlaid with artwork by Nunez. As part of Burton’s Winter 2016 collection, the Burton x Playboy line of Process snowboards are available for a retail price of $479, each.

Nunez had this to say about the collab:

“It’s been an honor to work on this project with great friends and family. And to work on such iconic photos for Playboy was the icing on the cake for me.”

Nunez is an American tattoo artist and reality television star, appearing as a judge on all seven seasons of the hit Spike TV show, “Ink Master” and a featured artist on TLC’s “Miami Ink.” He is also the owner of Handcrafted Tattoo and Art Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

To see the new Burton x Playboy snowboard line, visit, a Burton flagship store or a participating retailer.

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Jeremy Jones Launches New Watch and Book


Watch manufacturers ‘Swatch’ recently put out a watch with big mountain snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones. Jones is the man who opened up the world’s biggest mountains to snowboarders willing to hike, not ride a helicopter, to the top before riding down the mountain. A pro snowboarder for more than 20 years, the Swatch Proteam athlete was recently featured in his big mountain snowboarding film trilogy titled “Deeper, Further and Higher.”

In terms of his collaboration with Swatch, Jeremy had this to say:

“My goal was to create a timeless, reliable, classic adventure watch. I have a ton of respect for the history of Swatch, and now to be a part of it is really exciting. After all, timing is everything. Letting nothing get in the way of your goals when the timing is right, and being patient, backing off when the timing is off. This dance with time is the key to success in life and in the mountains.”

Jones’ new signature Swatch “Deeper, Further, Higher” is an exclusive limited and numbered edition of only 150 pieces. Each numbered piece in this exclusive limited edition comes bundled with Jeremy Jones’s new book, “No Words For the Way Down.” The book presents a collection of amazing photographs, stories and behind-the-scenes adventures from Jones’ trilogy of films. It captures his thoughts and words from the last five years and invites readers to join him on a personal journey into the world of big mountain boarding.


Knowing this limited quantity will go fast, Swatch is also releasing a second version of the new Jeremy Jones watch, named “The Journey is the Reward”, as an unlimited edition. For more information on Jones’ new watch, please visit:

For any information regarding his book, check out:

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Burton x New Balance ‘710 Classic’ Review

Burton x NB Feature

Burton and New Balance recently worked together on a line of footwear and it’s pretty sick. Today we get to check out the “710 Classics”, which may be my favorite from the collection. To start off, I have to commend the design. I really love the way that these shoes look, and they actually draw inspiration from Burton snowboard boots. They were made with full-grain leather and suede, which makes for a good combo. Plus, the shoes also have a woven-textile pattern on them, almost giving off an old school vibe. I liked that a lot too.

Shoe Toes

The rubber outsole on the 710 Classics is also pretty great. It helps to secure the shoe and aids in keeping things sturdy. If I’m doing anything outside, I need to know that my shoes can handle it. The 710 Classics definitely can handle whatever you throw at them, and they are a strong pair of shoes as a whole. They offer a lot of traction too, which is a huge A-plus in my book. Whether you’re hiking trails, heading up to the mountain or simply going to a bonfire party with some friends, the 710 Classics are there for you. They’re durable, rather stylish, and most importantly, unique. I haven’t seen many shoes out there like them, so make sure to cop these puppies while you still can. For more info, peep them at—fiend-shoes/W16-175581.html.

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Underdog Skate Shop

underdog 1

Underdog. No word screams local and core more than that, and that’s exactly what Wade Cedar, owner of Underdog Skate Shop in Amesbury, Mass. was thinking when he opened the shop three weeks ago.

“I think it’s any young skateboarder’s dream to open a skate shop. I just finished school and wanted to do something skateboarding related because that’s always been my passion,” said Cedar.

In the shop, I could see local art all over the walls and a TV setup with some kids playing Skate 3 or something to that effect. I asked Wade where he got his startup money, being a 26 year old dude and all who just got his Master’s degree.

“I had a huge lump of cash just laying around,” he laughed. “But, actually I worked at Nick’s Pizza in Newburyport, the best pizza around, for seven years delivering and cooking pizzas to pay my way through school. And, with the little I saved on the side, my girlfriend and I were able to split the cost and open this shop.”

underdog 2

I quickly picked up on how community-driven the shop was, as I saw at least 15-20 people drop-in and say hello in the two hours I spent in the shop.

“I love this spot,” said Cedar. “I grew up in about 27 different places, was homeless a lot, and skateboarding was always kind of that thing that was constant, it kept me going. I want to foster that community that helped me become who I am today. Plus, it’s right down the street from my house, which is awesome.”

The majority of Underdog’s skateboards come from Massachusetts and New Hampshire, including his custom printed decks, which are also made in New Hampshire.

“It costs me a little more to keep things local, but I’d rather support local people than major corporations that don’t care about quality,” he said. “I’ve always been a community driven guy, that’s what’s always been a passion of mine. I actually opened the first English literacy reading center in Rwanda with a graduate friend of mine, that’s what I do on the side, Kigali Reading Center. Check it out.”

underdog 3

Cedar regularly goes out and skates with his customers, and the shop’s team consists of Gavin Power, Trevor Bradbury, Trevor White, Taylor Spinney, Ben Noland and Nate Noland. They are currently shooting to put together a video that they can promote the shop, so keep your eyes peeled for that. All in all, if you need a board, shoes, hoodie, or just want to visit a local shop on the North Shore, head over to Underdog and check them out.

For more information, visit:


Article by Ben Knight

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MDMN’s New Mural




Located in Carlsbad, CA. All freehand aerosol. In partnership with Bryan Snyder’s Carlsbad Art Wall project. For more information, visit:

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Braven “BRV-X” Review


Braven makes dope speakers. This time around, we’re going to look at the “BRV-X”, one of their top models. First off, I really dig the feel of this thing. It’s got a thick rubber exterior that will keep it safe from outside damage, and protect itself if dropped. Another great feature about these speakers is that they’re waterproof. You can take them almost anywhere in the outdoors without worry, which is definitely my favorite thing about them as a whole. The “dual audio mode” feature is also pretty rad, too. The BRV-X has different playback modes for both indoor and outside use, which I thought was rather cool. The outdoor mode provides you with long-range audio, making sure you and your friends won’t miss a note regardless of what adventure you’re on. Plus, it’s wireless, incredibly portable and even comes with a travel strap, wall charger and auxiliary cord. Plain and simple, the BRV-X is a top-notch indoor/outdoor speaker. Whether you’re hiking trails or hitting homemade jumps in the woods, this is the one. Peep it at:

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ThermaCELL “ProFLEX Heated Insoles” Review

proflex 1

Winter will be here soon. In fact, it’s already snowed in some places in the U.S. This means the cold will arrive soon as well. The bitter, dreaded cold. Lucky for us, the folks at ThermaCELL have our backs. Or, maybe I should say our feet. The company has released their “ProFLEX Heated Insoles” for the upcoming winter season, and they came just in time. These insoles are great because not only do they keep your feet comfy, but they warm them up too! One of my least favorite things about the winter time is frozen feet. Once my toes go numb, it’s all over. No more fun. But, with the ProFLEX Insoles, this problem may be a thing of the past.

pro flex 2

Let’s break down some other strong points of these puppies. First, a remote control comes with them. I really like that feature. You can change the temperature of the heat without having to take your boots off, which is a huge plus. I also liked the flexible material that they are made of. The insoles offer quite a bit of mobility, which impressed me. Plus, the battery can be re-charged over 500 times, so these can last you quite a while. Overall, ThermaCELL put out something special with the ProFLEX Heated Insoles. They are sure to keep your feet warm in the cold months ahead, and are just as easy to use as they are practical. For more information, check them out at

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Terra Nullius “Ikat 5-Panel Hat” Review

hat 1

Terra Nullius is a fairly new headwear brand out of Brooklyn, NY. They create pretty rad hats from unique materials, all of which are produced in the U.S. As of now, they have two different lines of hats, some made using ikat material and the others with waxed canvas. The Ikat hats are really dope, mainly because of how intricate their design is. Each Ikat hat is made from a small batch of ikat material, meaning that each thread was dyed before they were all woven together. The ikat material definitely makes the hat stand out, and I really dig its crazy pattern.


The Ikat’s design is not the only thing going for it. The five-panel structure is also pretty dope, and I like the way that it sits on my head. It’s the perfect size – not too large or clunky – and fits like a charm. The leather strap on the back makes it one size fits all too, so anyone can enjoy this bad boy. One thing that did surprise me though was the pricing on the hat. It currently runs at $58, which can be a little steep. But, when you look at everything, the price makes sense. First off, the hat is made with premium ikat material, which is not cheap. It’s also a limited edition line, so these won’t be out forever. Also, it’s made right here in the States! How cool is that? In the end, the Ikat 5-Panel Hat might be somewhat expensive, but it’s worth it. You get to support American business, own a limited-edition hat and look pretty damn cool while doing so. Check it out at:

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