Anchor Hardware – ‘Bayonet’

First full-length skate video from Anchor Hardware. Featuring Anthony Shetler, Bill Danforth, BJ Morrill, Jason Ross, Kevin Phelps, Paul Collins and many more. For more info on Anchor Hardware, check out

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UP NEXT: Joey Esteban


OG Joey, Ninja Joe, Lil Joey, Joey the Mountain, The ESTEBAN! while the nick names have changed, one thing has remained the same, he has been killing Las Vegas streets since back in the day. And his latest video parts prove just that nailing clean trick over big gaps. The 2015 releases, “Take Two” by Dom G, and Pharmacy’s “The Vegas Video” by Jordan Gibo and Kevin Phelps, has helped launch his skateboard career. I was able to catch-up with him while he had some downtime from an emergency appendicitis.

Joey Esteban

Q: So a lot has been happening lately, 2 new parts dropped this year, new sponsors, give us the update.
A: yeah my “Take Two” and “the Vegas Video” parts stop by Pharmacy and snag a video before they are gone for good.. Thnx homies for letting me get up in them thangs! But yeah my sponsors are HurtLife skateboards, Pharmacy Boardshop, Official Genius, KR3W Denim, Fallen Shoes, and Theeve Trucks. Huge Shoutout to them man holding me down keeping me going!

Q: To a lot of people you might be the new kid on the block, but you have been skateboarding for a long time, how long have you been skating?
A: I’ve been skating for 12 years now. I wouldn’t consider myself the new kid on the block, thats donnie walberg. hahah

Joey Esteban

Q: So you are one of only a few locals that got added to the Hurtlife team, what was it like when Rag Doll hit you up an offered you a spot on the squad?
A: It was a trip! Haha I think he DM me at first that’s how I got his number then I remember I was driving and he called me and offered me a spot on HurtLife team and I was just like fuck yeah! It was just nuts cause I used to watch Ragdolls Video parts growing up and yeah it was just crazy haha still is.. but yeah we ended up meeting up at a Bar chopped it up and he welcomed me to the team. But ya man Rags is the man he’s definitely helped me out a lot lately love you G! And always big shoutout to KC and Lowden! HL

Q: A few of those gaps you nailed in the Vegas Video caught my attention, what new bangers are your working on?
A: yeah trying to change it up a bit.. Been working on some new things. You’ll see.. Haha

Joey Esteban

Q: Word on the street is you have a part coming out in “Hello Mercy” any thing you want to share about how your part is shaping up?
A: Yeah there’s actually the promo coming out in October for the whole HL squad. It’s actually coming along besides this damn unexpected surgery ( I had to get my appendix taken out).. But yeah it’s going good! Haha can’t wait to skate again.

also congrats to Joey on being a new father!


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Boys of Summer

BOYS OF SUMMER from Boysofsummer on Vimeo.

Latest film from Jeff Kutter. Features skate footage from Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston, Jason Dill, Atiba Jefferson, Alex Olson and many more. Check it out!

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Underdog Skate Shop

underdog 1

Underdog. No word screams local and core more than that, and that’s exactly what Wade Cedar, owner of Underdog Skate Shop in Amesbury, Mass. was thinking when he opened the shop three weeks ago.

“I think it’s any young skateboarder’s dream to open a skate shop. I just finished school and wanted to do something skateboarding related because that’s always been my passion,” said Cedar.

In the shop, I could see local art all over the walls and a TV setup with some kids playing Skate 3 or something to that effect. I asked Wade where he got his startup money, being a 26 year old dude and all who just got his Master’s degree.

“I had a huge lump of cash just laying around,” he laughed. “But, actually I worked at Nick’s Pizza in Newburyport, the best pizza around, for seven years delivering and cooking pizzas to pay my way through school. And, with the little I saved on the side, my girlfriend and I were able to split the cost and open this shop.”

underdog 2

I quickly picked up on how community-driven the shop was, as I saw at least 15-20 people drop-in and say hello in the two hours I spent in the shop.

“I love this spot,” said Cedar. “I grew up in about 27 different places, was homeless a lot, and skateboarding was always kind of that thing that was constant, it kept me going. I want to foster that community that helped me become who I am today. Plus, it’s right down the street from my house, which is awesome.”

The majority of Underdog’s skateboards come from Massachusetts and New Hampshire, including his custom printed decks, which are also made in New Hampshire.

“It costs me a little more to keep things local, but I’d rather support local people than major corporations that don’t care about quality,” he said. “I’ve always been a community driven guy, that’s what’s always been a passion of mine. I actually opened the first English literacy reading center in Rwanda with a graduate friend of mine, that’s what I do on the side, Kigali Reading Center. Check it out.”

underdog 3

Cedar regularly goes out and skates with his customers, and the shop’s team consists of Gavin Power, Trevor Bradbury, Trevor White, Taylor Spinney, Ben Noland and Nate Noland. They are currently shooting to put together a video that they can promote the shop, so keep your eyes peeled for that. All in all, if you need a board, shoes, hoodie, or just want to visit a local shop on the North Shore, head over to Underdog and check them out.

For more information, visit:


Article by Ben Knight

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Kill Tapes: Hollywood High

One of skateboarding’s most iconic spots gets smoked, and Lizard draws the curtains with one helluva front nose. Passion!

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Cody McEntire’s “T-1000” Part

The board control is so dialed you just know he could do half of these tricks in his sleep. Cody’s no newcomer to the scene, but this part really showcases his capabilities on a board. Rewind and repeat.

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11 year old – Laird Brunson

11 Year old Laird Brunson, put work in on this part, learning new tricks on the daily, destroying local pools and streets spots.

keep a eye on this kid, the future is bright and the pools are steep!!

Filmed and Edited By: Chris Dunne

READ MORE at Las Vegas Skate Mag.

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Terry Kennedy x Fly Society

Filmed & edited by @ItsLuRocK. Additional filming by Corey Cabrera.

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Active Ride & B4BC Save the Boobs


In an effort to stomp out breast cancer, Active presents its 2015 collaboration with Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Available today in all Active Ride Shop retail stores and its online store, the collection of graphic tees, socks and decks will feature the iconic pink color in support of B4BC, a foundation committed to early detection and a healthy, active lifestyle as the best means for breast cancer prevention.

As part of the partnership, Active will also be sponsoring and participating in B4BC’s “Skate the Coast”, an 18 mile skate-a-thon from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach along the boardwalk, to raise funds for B4BC’s education and prevention programs and promote active living. More info can be found here:

Check out the complete Active x B4BC collection here for more information:

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2015 SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship Recap

nike sb champ 5


CHICAGO, IL — The 2015 SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship took place this past weekend as the top eight finalists came together to compete for the ultimate title of world champion. It all came down to the last trick once again, where Brazilian newcomer Kelvin Hoefler took the big win just ahead of 2014 Champion Nyjah Huston and winner of two 2015 World Tour events Luan Oliveira. Included in the competition for the first time in league history was the women’s division contest in which Nike SB Pro Leticia Bufoni broke through with her last best trick to roll away in first place just ahead of Vanessa Torres and Alana Smith.

nike sb champ 4

Leading up to the event was an action-packed season of skatepark, skate plaza and arena events around the world at which the 25 SLS Pros and Rookies earned vital championship points to make the cut for just eight championship spots. In descending order of season standings, the shortlist going into the Super Crown World Championship was Luan Oliveira, Nyjah Huston, Kelvin Hoefler, Chaz Ortiz, Paul Rodriguez, Shane O’Neill, Cody McEntire and Chris Cole.

nike sb champ 3

The eight contestants battling it out in the women’s division were Leticia Bufoni, Lacey Baker, Pamela Rosa, Samarria Brevard, Alexis Sablone, Vanessa Torres, Marisa Dal Santo, and Alana Smith. Leticia Bufoni’s 360 Boardflip over the wedge gap sealed the deal for first place against Vanessa Torres and crowned her as the first-ever female SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Champion.

Congratulations once again to the 2015 SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship winners Kelvin Hoefler and Leticia Bufoni. For full highlights and re-airs of the exclusive championship webcast visit In partnership with FS1, the Women’s Division will have it’s own dedicated one-hour telecast on FS1 and FOX Sports GO on October 18 at 4:00pm ET.

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Zumiez – Best Foot Forward Finals

The Zumiez Best Foot Forward crew had been in the van, on the road, all Summer long looking for the best local Ams across the country. 34 cities. 34 contests. 34 winners. They were all flown out to Southern California for one big finale in Joshua Tree in front of pros, industry, and more. Friends from DGK, Converse, Stance, Enjoi, AYC, Imperial Motion, Bones Bearings, and more all came out to watch, cheer, guest judge, and support the next up and coming skateboarders as they threw down on an epic night.

Huge congratulations to our 2015 top 3:
1st – Christian Dufrene
2nd – Jamie Foy
3rd – Destin Watts

Those 3 winners will join The Berrics on a trip across California to film at more spots. Check in with @zumiez & @zumiezbestfootforward for more.

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Dane Vaughn puts it down in his going pro part for DGK.

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Zumiez Best Foot Forward – The Road to Joshua Tree

34 cities. 34 contests. 34 winners. They all descended upon Southern California for the big Zumiez Best Foot Forward finals in Joshua Tree, but first they hit spots around L.A., had a BBQ with Diamond, skated The Berrics, hit up a hip at a ditch spot with The Stance team including Chris Cole, Lizard King, and Nyjah Huston before heading out to Joshua Tree to camp and compete in the finals the following day.

Check it all out through the lens of The Berrics.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.06.47 PM

New England AM
Oct 3rd & 4th
Skater’s Edge Skatepark
Boston, MA



Day 1 – Saturday

10 AM – Registration
11 AM – Practice
12 PM – 14 & Under
2 PM – Registration
3 PM – Practice
4 PM – 15 & Over
6 PM – Awards
9 PM – After Party


Day 2 – Sunday

9 AM – Registration
10 AM – Practice
11 AM – Shop Owner Personalities & VIP Jam
12 PM – Registration
1 PM – Practice
2 PM – Skate Shop Qualifier
5 PM – Skate Shop Finals
6 PM – Wrld Footwear Best Trick

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Harold Hunter Day IX

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 2.15.06 PM


NEW YORK, NY – Harold Hunter Day IX is presented by DC Shoes and the Harold Hunter Foundation, in association with supporting sponsors Zoo York, G-Shock and Skullcandy.

The ninth annual event will take place Sunday, October 4th, from Noon-6:30pm at New York City’s Coleman Oval/LES Skatepark located under the Manhattan Bridge on the corner of Pike Street and Monroe Street.

Established in 2006 after Harold’s untimely passing, and managed by the non-profit Harold Hunter Foundation (HHF), Harold Hunter Day IX will once again unite NYC’s tight-knit skate community for a positive, fun-filled day of skateboarding in memory of Harold. HH Day celebrates everything Harold cherished most—skateboarding, music, friends, family, and of course, New York City.

This year’s event will be hosted by skate industry veterans and HHF board members Jefferson Pang and Steve Rodriguez. Live music will be provided by acclaimed DJ, producer and lifelong skateboarder, TJ Mizell; son of the late, great Jam Master Jay of Run DMC.

As is the case every year, Harold Hunter Day IX will feature an all-ages skate jam with appearances by numerous top pros including DC team riders Evan Smith, Wes Kremer, Cyril Jackson, Tristan Funkhouser, among others.

Throughout the day, a variety of Best Trick Contests will be held on various skatepark obstacles with cash and prizes generously provided by DC Shoes, Zoo York and G-Shock. At the conclusion of HH Day, a massive product toss will take place featuring free skateboard decks, t-shirts, hats, stickers, and more from event sponsors.

Restaurant “Sweet Chick” will release several special edition menu items in Harold’s memory with a portion of proceeds donated to the Harold Hunter Foundation. They will be available October 2nd-18th at the Sweet Chick locations in the LES (178 Ludlow Street) and Williamsburg (164 Bedford Avenue).

Skullcandy, a longtime supporter of Harold Hunter Day, is also planning to release a limited edition, co-branded Harold Hunter Foundation portable Bluetooth speaker to commemorate this year’s event. Slated to drop later this fall, a portion of proceeds will be donated to the foundation.

As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Harold Hunter Foundation relies on financial support from the skate community and related outlets to achieve its mission of using skateboarding as a vehicle to provide inner-city youth with valuable life experiences that nurture individual creativity, resourcefulness and the development of life skills.

In an effort to raise much needed funds for Harold’s namesake foundation, several charitable projects will coincide with Harold Hunter Day IX.

For more information on Harold Hunter Day IX, please visit

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