Snow fills Fremont Street from Las Vegas Boulevard to 6th Street on January 23 for the second annual Park Jam snowboard competition. For you Vegas natives, snow is frozen water vapor that forms white ice crystal flakes. It’s cold.

Anyway, 25 riders will be judged on the best trick they can pull off in 45 minutes on a massive 30-foot tall rail structure. The winner snags $5,000. Last year’s winner, Matt Schaefer, will return to defend his title.

The free event, sponsored by Zappos and Vegas Seven, starts with a pre-game brunch available from 11a.m. to 4 p.m. at Park on Fremont. Find snowboard vendors such as Vans and Burton in the Vendor Village, along with a taco truck, a beer garden, and and live DJs. A practice set with rider introduction starts at 6 p.m. before the competition begins at 7:30 p.m.


Parkfab x Official Genius Afterparty — 10pm at Goldspike!

Thanks to all the sponsors and DJs

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Rusty Toothbrush Present Snowboard Rugby

The latest installment from the Rusty Toothbrush boys! Rugby…on the slopes. Enjoy.

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‘2032’ LeftOvers Pt. 3

Scott Stevens and Chris Grenier lay down some commentary for the leftover footage from ThirtyTwo’s 20th Anniversary Team movie “2032”. For more info, check out

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‘2032’ Leftovers Pt. 2

Scott Stevens and Chris Grenier lay down some commentary for the leftover footage from ThirtyTwo’s 20th Anniversary team movie “2032”. For more info, please check out

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2016 Burton Mountain Festival Dates


Burton recently announced the 2016 Burton Mountain Festival, an on-snow demo tour offering an elevated snowboarding experience at eight resorts around the country. This year’s Burton Mountain Festival offers free Burton Snowboards hardgood demos, Anon. helmet and goggle demos, a Riglet Park for kids, women’s ride days presented by, an interactive sponsor village and more.

At all stops, Burton warmly welcomes the ladies to the Burton Girls demo tent to talk one-on-one with female staff and find the perfect custom hardgoods package. This is the ideal opportunity to learn more about women’s-specific products, made for women by women, and then try it all out for free. The Burton Mountain Festival will also feature Girls Ride Days at select locations, so be sure to visit for a complete list of Burton Girls Ride Days.

There’s also something for the whole family at the Burton Mountain Festival too, including free youth demos and learn to ride opportunities. Even the smallest kids can expect to find Burton snowboards, boots and bindings, as well as the Riglet Reel, a specially designed reel attached to the nose of youth snowboards that makes learning to ride easier than ever. Kids as young as three-years-old will have the opportunity to experience snowboarding for the first time in the one-and-only Riglet Park, as well as try out the boxes, ramps and rails with certified snowboard instructors on hand.



Jan. 1–3             Mt. Hood Meadows, OR

Jan. 8–10           Northstar, CA

Jan. 15–17         Mammoth Mountain, CA

Jan. 22–24         Keystone, CO

Jan. 29–31         Stratton, VT

Feb. 5–7             Mountain Creek, NJ

Feb. 13–15         Waterville Valley, NH

Feb. 19–21         Boyne Highlands, MI


For more information, please visit

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Spot Check Bear Mtn December 2015

The ThirtyTwo crew checks out Bear Mountain with Dylan Alito, Christian Hobush, Jordan Small, Brandon Hobush, Joe Sexton and Chris Bradshaw.

Film/Edit By HDJ
Photo by Lee Stockwell

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Rusty Toothbrush and The Snowboard Boomerang

Rusty Toothbrusth felt it was time to reinvent the once mighty boomerang and reintroduce it to the world. Check out the world’s first snowboard Boomerang in this the second episode of F.L.A.V.. New Zealander and pro snowboarder Alex Stewart disguises himself as an Aussie and takes this amazing new intention through its paces in Mt. Hotham, Australia.” – EpicTV

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Last Champions


Second official video from Nightmare Snowboarding. For more info, please check out

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Shredding Glaciers With Fredi Kalbermatten in Saas Fee

After Fredi Kalbermatten’s mind altering trip to Manali, India, we meet him again in his resort of Saas Fee for some serious glacier shredding. Fredi grew up in Saas Fee and knows the resort like the back of his hand. He has all the booter spots scoped out and the lines through the ice flows on lock. Watch as he floats stylish 7s, 9s and 10s and fires off roosters in fields of untouched pow on ever reset of the season. This is Swiss precision snowboarding at its best!” – EpicTV

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Smoking Snowboards National Demo Tour


For more information, please visit

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The Return of Sessions


Last week, legendary snowboard brand Sessions announced that they were fully relaunched and ready to go for the 2016/2017 season. The company has not been active in the U.S. for the past two years, and will premiere their new line for North America at the upcoming SIA Snow Show in Denver next month.

The company will be led by founder Joel Gomez and Robert Myers, president of Pretty Great LLC. A little over a year ago, Pretty Great LLC purchased Sessions and has since been working to relaunch the brand in America. The company also announced its team of riders this past week, which will include Ryan Paul, Jesse Paul, Scotty Vine, Nick Geisen and Ryland West.

Like many other brands in the industry, Sessions faced tough times towards the end of the previous decade. The financial crisis of 2007-08 and poor snow conditions on the west coast hit the brand hard, and the bank ended up discontinuing their credit around this time. In order to put out their next year’s line, Sessions required more funding and the company signed a financial deal with Samsung. After about two years of the Samsung partnership, Sessions still wasn’t performing at the level they desired and Gomez knew it was time to make some changes. He then talked to Pretty Great LLC and their main funding partner about a potential sale, and the two parties worked out a deal.

“We ended up getting out of the (Samsung) deal, and it strained the company. I mean it’s the same story with any other company. We took all these hits, and on top of that, with the snow conditions going downhill, someone came and asked if we would consider selling and we got a fair offer and we took it,” said Gomez.

Sessions 3

Sessions plans on staying close to their roots, and will focus most of their energy on the Tahoe area. From there, the company hopes to expand to Colorado and other states in the future, but for now the emphasis will stay on California.

“You can’t spread yourself too thin. I’d rather go to one area and have a strong presence, plant the seed and then have it root from there. Tahoe is where we ride,” Gomez said. “When I started the brand it was all about passion. I love the snow, and skate and music. That’s sort of my background. And everything changed when all these big companies went public, and sales had to keep growing. When we relaunched Sessions, our goal at the start was just to work with specialty shops and maybe one online dealer. We just need to get back with the right mindset,” he added.

Sessions will officially premiere their new line for the 2016/2017 at the SIA Snow Show in January. According to Gomez, the line will have a “historic feel” to it, and will also feature some more “fashion forward” designs from Myers as well.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 3.17.47 PM

“Snowboarding seems to be missing something. Maybe it is because I have been around for a while and recall the energy and angst from the DIY days of the 90’s. I feel like Sessions has an opportunity to inject some soul and passion to snowboarding. There is so much history behind the brand that I am sure most people don’t even know how many key athletes and industry firsts Sessions has provided,” said Myers.

Pretty Great LLC also manages three other companies in addition to Sessions, including Bonfire and Nikita. Balancing all these companies at once hasn’t been easy for Myers and the rest of the staff, but they have taken each challenge in stride.

“One challenge has been rebuilding a brand with a small team and a tight budget. We want to be responsible and realistic about growth and make sure we relay the proper foundation for Sessions. We address this with hard work, creativity and drawing from our past experiences,” said Myers.

“The next challenge is to do our best in healing some of the retail wounds from the past. Almost every end consumer I talk to about Sessions has an overwhelmingly positive feeling about the brand and that is very reassuring,” he added.

Sessions 2

When it comes to the future, both Myers and Gomez are excited.

“So far, the work has been really inspiring,” said Myers. “As a group we respect each other’s experience and creativity in a way that makes the process really enjoyable. It is tough work but also rewarding to see what we are achieving.”

Although Sessions will not release a line in the States this season, the company has still stayed busy in other global markets. They have remained active in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and hope to find even more success domestically in the following year. Right now, fans can get a taste of the new line on the relaunched Sessions website, and the full line will be premiered at the end of next month.

In addition to relaunching Sessions, Gomez has also started his own merchandising company titled “45RPM.” The company makes merchandise for various musicians, and is currently working with renowned acts such as Metallica, Foo Fighters and Band of Horses.

For more information on Sessions, visit For more info on Pretty Great LLC, please visit their LinkedIn page at All photos courtesy of Sessions MFG.


by Ben Pinette

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Arbor hits Boston!

On February 9th, 2015, Massachusetts declared a state of emergency due to massive amounts of snow blanketing the city and putting a halt to everyday life. On February 10th, the Arbor Snowboards team booked plane tickets Boston. By February 17th, there was so much snow covering Boston’s streets that Mayor Marty Walsh urged “fever crazed residents to stop hurling themselves from their windows into snowbanks.” Ironically, that same surplus of snow made it more than convenient for Mike Liddle, Erik Leon, Blake Axelson, Brandon Hammid, LP Dorval, and Scotty Vine to defy the Mayor’s wishes and “hurl themselves into snowbanks” for your viewing pleasure.

For more photos and information from the Arbor team’s Boston travels, visit:

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Dylan Thompson 2015

Dylan Thompson is one of the hardest working riders out there. This year Dylan’s dropped an X Games part, some bangers in the 32 movie and now, THIS!

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DuH Bolts at Bear 2015

Duh Bolts by DOPE industries

Duh Riders:Eman Anderson, Jody Wachniak, Derek Molinski, Ryan Tarbell, Lucas Magoon, Rhett Haubrich, Bret Wilkinson, Johnny Miller, Anthony Mazzotti and Kody Williams.

Duh Filmers by David Brocklebank and Rob Lemay. duh Edit by Derek Molinski

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Glory on the Passes

“Snowboarding the passes is the easiest trip to dial: No planes, no lifts and no crowds. Just rustle up friends, load the car and head for one of the many passes between France and Italy. Sylvain Bourbousson, Enzo Nilo, Mathieu Crepel and Thomas Delfino spent 5 days between France, Le Col du Glandon and Pragelatto passes in Italy looking for sweet powder fields and perfect spots to build perfect cheese wedges. Check out what they found right here!” – EpicTV

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