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Steez Magazine® LLC is an influential culture quarterly founded in 2006. Steez features a broad variety of content focusing on snowboarding, skateboarding, art, music and the surrounding culture. Steez can be found at thousands of locations across all 50 states and Canada. Steez is published quarterly and distributed at key industry events, tradeshows, online, shops, retailers, colleges, schools, resorts,trade shows, major newsstands (including Barnes and Noble, Chapters, Indigo etc) and many other points of interest. Steez continues to grow on a regular basis all while keeping a commitment to the highest quality.

andy Andrew  Bablo
Chief – Runnin this thing, not takin any crap.
dougie Doug Brassill
Event Marketing and Sales Manager – I grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire snowboarding in the winters and fishing in the summers. I was fortunate enough that my mother worked at a local ski area so that my sister and myself could go to the mountain as much as we desired each season. I found myself wishing the summer days away waiting on the snow to fall so I could get turns in once again. Its the dream of that one more perfect day that keeps us going year after year.
Ryan Brouder
Rep – Spreading Steez in or around the Northern California area.
michael Michael Connolly
Assistant Editor – Just your average soccer mom looking for a solid high five after a big win. Don’t leave me hanging.
Dirty D
Web Admin – Known for keepin’ it clean. Dirty D is the cleanest dirtiest muthaf**cka you ever saw. Originally from Tahoe, Dirty has made the west coast snow scene his home. Known for throwing raging parties year around you can currently find him in Las Vegas educating the masses on Official Genius.
Chris Gadomski
Rep – Born and raised in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, currently residing in Anchorage, Alaska. Chris has served as Steez’s Alaska Division Rep. since July of 2008. With an Associate’s Degree in Photography, Chris currently snowboards full time, in addition to attending the University of Alaska Anchorage pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Since moving to the last frontier, east coast appearances have been few and far between, though the northeast, its mountains, friends and family remain ever so dear to him.
chad Chad Hargrove
Skate/Lifestyle Ad Sales Rep – What Up!! Chad Hargrove here.., The new guy at Steez Mag! Im 21 from SD, I am a skateboarder, a photographer, and a craft beer enthusiast. Stoked to be on the squad with all the good people runnin steez! Been skating for 14 years shooting photos for 4 and I never get tired of either one. While we are here we gotta have fun right? West Coastians hit me up for any of your account needs!
–Chad out!
taylor Taylor Kendall
Copy Editor – MUCH LOVE.
Nicholas “Grey Wolf” Legere
Rep – LIKES: Snow board bunnies, slashing skiers, sewing, yoga pants, doing hood rat things with my friends, 9WWP, your mom, CAKED snowboards, compound crew R4J all day, candy, beer, beef jerky, sticker missions and just being a BOSS!!!!!!!!!!
DISLIKES: Hater’s, global warming, mountain security, warm beer, fupa’s, bad yoga camel’s, people that wear croc’s, tomatoes, zeacher’s and having to answer all these question’s!
Peter Levandowski
sydney Sydney Lindberg
Writer – I’m a writer and a daydreamer trying to spend as many days as possibly on the mountain, seeing live music, and staring at art on the streets in LA. What else could a girl ask for?
Joe LoVasco
Art Director – Your guy for all art needs.
Business Development
Pete Prudhomme
Rep – Basically I had a helping hand in the start of the mag and have been behind it since day one. I like to say that I am the guy that runs his mouth out the mag. Just trying to push the mag to grow 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Yeah I am that guy in your shop all the time. So look for me.
Doug Setzler
Rep – Nickname: Tyrone Jibbins
I sling mags to shops, sell apparel, set up rail jams, promote events, and give out stickers to worthy groms. You might see Tyrone Jibbins in your local terrain park grindin’, jibbin’, slappin’, bonkin’, scootin’, and bootin’. Tyrone can also be found campin’ out in the glades, slashin’ the fresh pow, or shovelin’ snow for street riding. Tyrone Jibbins loves nothin’ more than snowboardin’, grabbin’ a brew, and kickin’ it with the Steez Crew.